The Met School is a high school that gives you a chance to learn in the real world through internships. Each student has an individual learning plan which helps them meet goals that will help them succeed in what they want to do. The Met helps each and every student find their passion through internships, and the students have a chance to change internships to gain the most knowledge they can. K9 to 5 has helped a handful of students find their passions varying from animal care to business, and even photography. 

     Meet the Interns: 

Jourdan- Jourdan had a passion for becoming a veterinarian. After becoming an intern at K9 to 5 Jourdan realized her true passion was business, animal training and animal grooming. Kristen and Rui have inspired her to one day own her own business as successful as theirs. 

Miracle- Miracle started out as a volunteer for school and had a strong bond with Kristen so she decided it would be a good fit as an internship. She has learned a lot of life skills that Kristen and Rui have taught her, but through her experience at K9 to 5 she realized she wanted to get into auto mechanics. 

Luz- Luz hopes to become a veterinarian once she graduates school. Growing up around Pit Bulls she now raises awareness for them to be treated as any other dog. 

Sabrinna- Sabrinna started out with a massive passion for photography. Being at K9 to 5 has inspired her to become interested in animal behavior and grooming. Growing a strong bond with Kristen has inspired her to become an animal photographer and wildlife rehabilitationist. 

Brooke- Brooke started out interested in animal behaviors but throughout her internship at K9 to 5 it has changed to animal training that she has learned from Rui and Kristen. They have also inspired her to own her own business.

Malik- Malik has a passion in animal training which is why he decided to intern at K9 to 5. His other interests are art and reptiles.